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Coalition of Parents in Esports is a not-for-profit organization of parents of esports athletes with a mission to provide better information, resources and support to all gamers and their families.

“Many parents feel overwhelmed by their fears about gaming and social media, but COPE wants to show parents that it is a sport like any other where parents can support and cheer their child’s achievements”, according to COPE cofounder Shae Williams, mother to Vanish Duster. “The career opportunities across entertainment, coaching, marketing, finance, medical and even art make this
an exciting opportunity for anyone with entrepreneurial spirit and drive.”



COPE provides support and resources through their partnerships across skills development, child safety, wellness, education and career needs.

One Step Beyond

Cloud computing, data analytics and AI is embedded into the core of eSports. It not only enables players to improve their performances and identify key competitors, but using AI, it can also become a “virtual coach” to enable them to improve their strategies and performance. Analytics is also key to connect with local market and sponsors and enable a real fan experience. OSB will be leveraging Microsoft Synapse combined with Microsoft’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to give Edelweiss a clear view of what their fans want and a clear way for sponsors to engage with the Swiss esports community.


O’Neills Irish International Sports Company Ltd are Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturer. Founded in Dublin in 1918, O’Neills are a globally renowned manufacturer of sports kit and leisurewear with an extensive heritage in Gaelic games and equipment. The company has grown to cover a wide range of sports including Rugby, Soccer, Netball and more. The sportswear manufacturer is now the official supplier of apparel for teams in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

“Our exciting venture into the world of Esports only adds to our versatility, and we are delighted to welcome Edelweiss Esports to the O’Neills family!”

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